Sunday, 22 April 2012


I've spent all afternoon taking photos of stuff in my house and converting it in CA. everything on here is mine. the photo in the frame is i think my great grandfather. the small photo at the bottom is of me and my mam , gran and grandfather. The flowers and mask are card embellishments i had in my craft drawer. the bookon the table is a note book standing on my dining table and cut it out with some of the table for efect. The book with open leaves is the same book spread open. the car is a vintage wooden model car and the violin and scent bottle are ornaments. The frame was made inphotoshop with a frame brush then given the effect of marble. Keys were made with a stencil I created in CA. the background was created in CA with the flower brush and then a layer of antique paper on the top with transparency added. I've had a great time creating these and hope you enjoy the page. Please leave a comment or like it if you enjoyed looking at the page. Thank you.

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