Thursday, 4 April 2013

Triple stamping

A technique I learned today. As you know i'm very new to stamping and this is a practice card. I know i shouldn't be showing a not perfect card but i think people might want to see and why it happened and what to do to fix it.

I cut three pieces of cream card and three pieces of brown card to matt onto.  I then placed very very small pieces of double sided tape on the back in the middle of the three pieces of cream card and matted onto each other.

I then started to stamp over the matted cards so the design went over all three pieces.  As you can see top right it didn't take properly.  I tried again bottom right and again didn't take so stamped over it again but it gave a double stamp effect cos i didn''t align it up correctly. So i thought i would try a cushion effect and got my mouse mat out and put it under the card.  I stamped again and low and behold it stamped properly.  the cushioning worked.  So i kept stamping til i finshed my design.

I then took them off the top of each other and matted each one on the dark card and matted them again so the design was matched back up. .  I then tied some bakers twine around and fastened a button on with a bow.  I then put some foam pads on the back and attached it to the card blank and added a gem in each corner.

So folks that's my not perfect card but i think i needed to show you what not to do. 

Have a lovely day and thank you for visiting my blog.

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